Valli del Natisone

The Natisone Valleys - Nediške doline are located in the northeastern part of the region Friuli Venezia Giulia, near the Slovenian border.

The group of parallel valleys, each ran through by a watercourse (among these, the Natisone or Nediža, the Alberone or Aborna, the Cosizza or Kozca and the Erbezzo or Arbeč), constitutes a very peculiar microcosm.

We are right next to the great Idrija Fault, in a predominantly mountainous territory where the marks left by the Ice Age are still visible. A border area, a land of migration, war, and encounter between several civilisations.

In the 6th century, the foundations of today’s ethnic configuration of the area were laid: Slavic tribes – which later on would become modern day Slovenes; those who settled to the South would become Croats, Serbs, and so on – settled on the Julian Alpine Foothills, constituting the first meeting point between the Latin and the Slavic world. It’s interesting to note that, despite all the administrative and political variations happening through the centuries, the meeting point has remained unchanged to this day.

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