Theatrical Workshop

3>12 September 2017


playwright/author Federico Bellini

actress/trainer Sabrina Jorio

director Tommaso Tuzzoli

Working hours: 6 per day

Maximum number of participants: 14

Place Tribil Superiore

The workshop will take place in the building La Finestra

Participation fee: 250€ per participant including accommodation for 11 nights

Laboratory fee: 100€


The theatrical workshop addresses those who have already had a theatrical experience and want to investigate specific topics.

It will take place from September 3rd to 12th, 2017.

The work will consist of three moments: textual analysis, physical work on acting techniques, and construction of a staged drama.

Work will concern the topic, or the concept, of “LEAVING”; to go, to physically leave a place, or ‘leaving' in the metaphorical meaning of abandoning what is already known, just with your mind, to land in the unexplored regions of imagination.

A journey of the body and the mind, done while borrowing words and thoughts of those who dedicated relevant fragments of their work to the topic, from Celine to Walsner, from the great 20th century American literature to the contemporary theatrical pieces by Koltes, Jelinek, Schwab, and others.

A research work that leads us to reflection and to the making of new dramaturgical work.

The study of the themes of our journey will be actively examined, and the means by which we will explore them will be sensorial, listening, and tactile exercises and mostly improvisations relying especially on movement and sound.

Through the means of improvisation we will look for a more direct and deeper communication, made by images and emotions, in order to encourage the individual’s creativity within the group.

The last step of our work will be the active participation in the creation of a staged drama, that will unite the two previous phases in an unique body.


Send an email with the participation request to the workshop with Name, Last Name, Telephone Number, a short CV and 2 photos:

The selected participants will be contacted directly by the organization



After being contacted by the organization, selected persons will have to pay the fee via credit transfer to the following bank account:

Denomination: Comune di Stregna

Address: Fraz. Stregna 23, 33040 Stregna, Udine

Bank: Banca di Cividale S.p.A. - Via Scrutto 114, 33040 San Leonardo, Udine

IBAN: IT34Q0548464220029570001909


In the payment details must be written

“Laboratorio Through Landscape –Name and Suriname” of the participant.



Participants can stay at La Finestra.

For info:


mobile +39 338 2025905

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